Move forward together at each stage of your projects.

The NIKOIL Offer is designed for Liberal Professions (1) and Individual Entrepreneurs. It places the professional advisor at the heart of your relationship with NIKOIL and meets your requirements of proximity, commitment and efficiency.

At the heart of the relationship, your Professional Advisor

At your service, easily reachable, your advisor understands the specificities of your professional activity.

  • Your Professional Advisor can be reached directly on his professional mobile phone, his landline and his e-mail address.
  • By your side, both professionally and privately. He supports you in all of your projects and recommends solutions adapted to your needs and objectives.
  • The “Pro Check up”: the assurance of a sustained relationship.
    Your advisor regularly offers you an interview to make a complete diagnosis of your situation. He thus anticipates, with you, the solutions to be implemented as you evolve.

For your day-to-day management, NIKOIL efficiency

Because your time is precious, NIKOIL offers you efficient solutions
for your banking management.

  • NIKOIL Contrat Pro: a monthly flat rate for essential services (1) for your day-to-day operations.
  • A unique code to manage all of your accounts free of charge (2) (3). on the Internet as on your mobile phone, 24 / 24h and 7 / 7d.
  • Your free cash withdrawals from more than 19,000 NIKOIL ATMs around the world (4).

For your financing, our commitment to reactivity

To calmly manage your cash flow fluctuations or make your investment decisions a reality, Banque Atlantique France is committed.

  • The possibility of doubling, occasionally, your authorized overdraft (1), on request, for 30 days.
  • An answer in principle within 3 working days maximum, for your equipment credits up to € 50,000 (5) (6).
  • An answer in principle within 7 working days maximum for your projects over 50,000 € and up to 300,000 € (6) (7).

To prepare for your future, NIKOIL’s expertise

Your advisor mobilizes the expertise of NIKOIL to help you anticipate and manage the key stages in your life.

  • Free access to our Patrimonial and Financial Experts for the optimization and organization of your professional and private assets.
  • For each profession, its Provident and Retirement solution.
    Madelin provident insurance adapted to your professional plan and your income. A Madelin Retirement offer with the guarantee of an annuity known upon subscription and revalued annually.
  • 0% entry fees (8) (9) on the sums resulting from the sale of your activity, reinvested in NIKOIL life insurance and capitalization contracts, as well as on our range of UCIs.